Google's search engines now favor websites that are optimized for phones and tablets.In April 2015, Google made a BIG change to favor the LITTLE screen.

They altered their famous search algorithm to favor those businesses who have websites OPTIMIZED for phones and tablets.

Why?  Because there are now more searches done by people using smartphones and tablets than there are using computers.  Imagine that!  We now carry the information of the world in our pocket or purse.

Are you prepared?

Is your site optimized for the small screen? If not, we can most certainly help!

Sites that have previously enjoyed good ranking (that means they’re more easily found on the internet) have been dropping off the front page, sometimes several pages.  They’ve become a needle in a multi-billion-needle haystack.

Don’t be one of them!  Let Ideal Results Marketing optimize your site for mobile devices.  We have a specific set of tools in place that we follow every time.  Not only that, but we’re constantly adding to that list as Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep changing their search engine strategies.

You’ll be up to date with our ongoing Mobile Optimization Package.  Ask about it.


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